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7 Life Hacks for Wives

July 21, 2014

Every mom needs a few life hacks.

The Urban Dictionary defines a hack as a clever solution to a tricky problem.

Being a wife is a tricky problem–it shouldn’t be, but it is.  The world–the culture that I live in bombards me with images and ideas that make me think I have a problem.  What I need is a clever solution to fight back.  So here are 7 of my life hacks for being the wife I want to be:

Television, movies and magazines tell me I need more romance, passion and intimacy. What I really need is a hack for contentment in my marriage.

1. Be Content Life Hack

Distraction and busyness drain my attention from my husband.  What I need is a hack to help me remember how to make him a priority and show him that I adore him.

2. Adore Him Life Hack

The problem with social media is that I begin to believe that everyone I know has a perfect husband, a perfect house and a $10,000 vacation every year.  What I need is to be thankful for my real husband and the real pictures of sweet memories posted on my not so perfect but real walls.

3. Be Thankful Life Hack

Guilt is a problem for me.  I often feel as if I am not being or doing enough. I seem to remember all the negatives with razor sharpness and they cut into me painfully.  What I need to do is challenge myself to small successes every day and to let go of the negative.

4. Be Challenged Life Hack

The problem with communication is me–this gift was left out of my genetic box. The solution is work and I promise I have been working hard on this for 25 years–still a problem but not giving up!  This hack is from my hubs because he is better at it.

5. Communicate Well Life Hack

The simple things, that is what counts–hundreds of simple gestures all piled up together.  But the problem is if you get busy you forget. That’s what happened to me and my husband noticed.  The solution is a simple hack for giving little bits of love.

6. Love with Actions Life Hack

The problem is that my husband needs encouragement.  He has a lot of pressure on him and I am often guilty of adding to it! The solution is a hack to remember what he needs to hear from me and to tell him.

7. Speak Kindly Life Hack

Wives, do share! What are the most helpful life hacks that you can’t live without? 

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  • Elizabeth

    I love this! I am guilty of so many of these things, thanks for the ‘hacks’!

  • Rachael

    The sections seem to be off…

  • Heather Novak

    I remind myself how I acted when I was dating him and I do that. I.e.: Listening to work talk, not making fun if he’s watching Star Trek, etc. I would want to be awesome & cool and also show him I think HE is awesome & cool. Also, when I am feeling critical towards him I start giving thanks for his good qualities.