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Parenting Podcast

8 Lies Your Teen Believes {Podcast}

We often don’t understand what’s going on in the heads of our teenagers. In my case, this happened with one of my boys. He was such a good, compliant child that when he hit the teenage years I really didn’t know that he was having…

January 19, 2017
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Parenting Podcast

5 Ways Parents Frustrate Their Teens {Podcast}

I loved it when my children were babies. I also loved it when they were teenagers—really, I did. Yes, there were challenges, but the bonds we formed during those years will last us a lifetime. What’s the key to parenting teenagers? In this podcast…

January 12, 2017
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Parenting Podcast

How to Raise Your Child to Be a Leader {Podcast}

Mark and I both had leadership positions in college. He was president of an on-campus leadership group and I was president of my sorority. But we’ve tried to teach our children a broader sense of leadership–the power of influence in daily life. There’s a…

January 5, 2017
lists to love by

Share the Love, Share the Book!

Susan and I need your help. Our new books, Lists to Love By for Busy Husbands and Lists to Love By for Busy Wives, release tomorrow! If you would, we would love for you to help share the news. To make sharing convenient, use any of the posts…

December 30, 2016
cell phone manners

Teaching Your Kids Good Cell Phone Manners

When the first hand-held cell phone call was placed in 1973, I’ll bet the inventor didn’t realize what a cultural and social phenomenon had begun! With the advent of Smartphones and the rapidly improving technology that makes more knowledge and convenience available at our…

December 27, 2016